Commissioners, Delegates & Staff

Commissioners, Delegates & Staff

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  1. Perry Chang

    Dear Melanie Shoop:

    How U.S. Presbyterians today might live out the principles found in the newly adopted Belhar Confession is an issue all synods and presbyteries have an opportunity to explore. Members of a church team dedicated to helping synods and presbyteries with this want to know what you might need.

    Please communicate with the team by completing a short survey, located at:

    The survey asks to provide your name and contact information so the team can make sure you receive whatever resources you need.

    If you have questions, contact me at or at (800) 728-7228, ext. 5139.

    As this time of anticipation continues, best wishes contemplating how to live out the Belhar principles of unity, justice, and reconciliation in your area and across the globe.

    In Christ,

    Perry Chang