Join Us in Louisville for our 2017 Annual Conference

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Join Us in Louisville for our 2017 Annual Conference

We are gathering at Lawes Logde at the Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary (LPTS) April 18th-20th. Our theme is “Bursting Wineskins, Creative Responses to Christ’s Changing Church.” WHAT! Presbyterians Change? Caring for Pastors and Christian Educators is our primary purpose. We network throughout our denominations sharing creative ways of nurturing Church leaders when faced with adaptive change. How do we care for one another as we learn new skills or styles of ministry to speak God’s Word amidst changing cultures? Our conference will discuss these issues. We will do this face to face around the table, through keynote addresses and workshops, in worship and enjoying one another as we build or deepen relationships within PPCN. Rev. Grayde Parsons is going to stimulate our conversations and help us address important ways of reflecting upon the energy of our Call to serve Christ. Check out the complete brochure for a detailed listing of this event and register today. SEE YOU IN LOUISVILLE. Pastor Jim Splitt, President PPCN
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