Mobile Health Fairs (MHF)

The purpose of the Mobile Health Fairs are to partner with PCUSA presbyteries and congregations, ecumenical and community agencies in order to reach out to underserved and disadvantaged communities to provide free basic health screenings and referrals, and basic health education.

Mission to the USA (MUSA)

The Mission to the USA program links churches in the Synod of the Covenant (Michigan and Ohio) with international church leaders, both clergy and lay leaders. Each Mission Partner is hosted by a congregation in the synod, joining in the life of church. As the Mission Partners and the congregations spend three weeks together, they share worship, Bible Study, pastoral care, many meals, and much more, they break down cultural barriers and truly become brothers and sisters in Christ.

The focus of the Synod’s Mission to the USA program for the years 2017-2019 is Christian-Muslim relations. The Synod invites and itineraries Christian leaders who are hosted by participating congregations for the duration of three weeks. In 2017 welcomed five visiting church leaders from Indonesia, and in 2018 the synod welcomed three church leaders from Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. In 2019, Africa will be the region, and we are preparing to invite seven or eight leaders.

For more information and to register your congregation to participate in the program, please send an email to: or contact the Synod office.

Click here to learn more about MUSA.

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