SOLT (The Synod of Lincoln Trails) has created an opportunity for pastors to receive short term, small group coaching under the umbrella topic of serving in a new call during COVID. Eligible folks are pastors (ordained or commissioned, first call or seasoned, congregational or chaplaincy-based, etc.) who began a call between October 2019 and June 2021. Slots are going fast so register soon (registration for course further down).

This will be a valuable coaching course for an unprecedented time. All community leaders are trying to figure out how to navigate these new waters the pandemic has us in. It is a special and unique duty that pastors and other clergy have when they are sought out for answers to tough questions, and expected to lead those they serve through these waters with a hopeful and righteous disposition.

If you are such a clergy person we want to support you in taking this valuable course by giving you $100 for the $250 course. Please note we will not register you for the course itself but will give all qualifying applicants $100 to put towards the course.

In order to qualify for this scholarship you MUST:

  • Be a Teaching Elder, CRE, or Chaplain
  • Have started a new call/began a new ministry during the Pandemic
  • Belong to a Presbytery within the bounds of The Synod of the Covenant

Once you have submitted your application for the scholarship we will verify eligibility with your presbyter, and we will follow up with you after the coaching event to confirm your participation.

Here are a few details about the course itself:

You can register for the program here.

The coaching program has three elements, all via ZOOM:

  1. It starts February 4th (1-3 pm Eastern) with a two-hour coaching and resilience workshop led by Rev. Dr. Laurie Ferguson.
  2. It then moves into 5 90-minute small group coaching sessions with peers, and with an International Coach Federation-trained, Presbyterian coach, every 2-3 weeks.
  3. There will be a final “reflection, wrap up and next steps” session at the end.

We hope you will take interest in this valuable coaching course. You only need to meet the criteria to receive the scholarship so if you want to attend please apply for the scholarship!

Apply Here