Commissioners, Delegates & Staff

Commissioners, Delegates & Staff

Synod Commissioners 2019


Synod Moderator

TE Aaron Meadows (Eastminster Presbytery)

Synod Vice Moderator

Patricia Megregian (Mackinac Presbytery)

Cincinnati Presbytery

RE Becky Lindsay
TE Deborah Uchtman

YAC – vacant

Maumee Valley Presbytery

Re Gillian Holzhauser- Graber, 
TE David Tilly

YAC – vacant

Detroit Presbytery

RE Daryl Taylor,
TE Raphael Francis, 
YAC Michael Barconey

Miami Valley Presbytery

RE Marvella Lambright
TE Diane Ziegler
YAC Emily Knoth

Eastminster Presbytery

RE Chet Cooper, 
TE Aaron Meadows

YAC Kaitlin Meadows

Muskingum Valley Presbytery

RE Vacant, 
TE Anne Weirich

YAC – vacant

Lake Huron Presbytery

RE – vacant
TE Ted McCulloch

YAC – vacant

Scioto Valley Presbytery

RE James Boggs, 
TE Leland Platt

YAC – vacant

Lake Michigan Presbytery

RE Sonja Schult- Fryer, 
TE Timothy Chon, 
YAC Amber Clark

Western Reserve Presbytery

RE Susan Vlcek, 
TE Rick Stein, 
YAC Kamryn Wilson

Mackinac Presbytery

RE Mike Stoll, 
TE Lois Aroian, 
YAC Brad Prevo

Synod Designated Moderators:

Synod Presbyterian Women Moderator

RE Pat McBride

Synod African American Caucus Moderator

RE Gail Coleman

Synod Asian American Caucus Moderator

TE Timothy Chon

Synod Hispanic/ Latino Caucus Moderator

RE Jose Lamont Jones

Synod Middle Eastern Caucus Moderator

Nahida Gordon

Synod Native American Consulting Committee Moderator

RE Liz Saperstein

Synod Committees Moderators


Moderators Committee:    Aaron Meadows

Board of Trustees:               Rick Stein

Personnel Services:             Susan Vlcek

Committee on Representation and Inclusiveness (CORI): Patricia Megregian

Peacemaking and Justice:             Nahida Gordon

Leadership:                                      David Tilly

Grants and Scholarships:              Raphael Francis

Cabinet on Ethnic Church Affairs (CECA): Ruth Azar

Synod Staff


Synod Executive: TE Raafat Zaki

Synod Treasurer: TE David Bartley 

Synod Stated Clerk: TE David Bartley

Coordinator for MUSA: position is currently vacant — Contact the Synod Executive

Coordinator for MHF Ministry: Lisa Florez

Synod Bookkeeper & Administrative Assistant: Melanie Shoop


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