Committee Preferences

Each Synod commissioner serves on a committee.  The Nominating Committee (Charon Barconey, Chair; Mary Jean Blackmon, Lora Manon, Michael March, and Andy Thorburn) need your help in nominating you to the best committee.  Please mark each of the committees as your first, second, and third choices.  Please also answer the questions below to help the Nominating Committee with their decision.  You will be elected to the committee at the Assembly on October 7-9, 2021.

Finance Committee/Trustees
This committee’s focus is to plan the long-range future and to oversee the recent past of the organization’s finances. The Finance Committee educates commissioners about finance, supports financial planning, and facilitates the annual audit/financial review. The Finance Committee works most closely with the Treasurer.
Governance Committee
This committee helps the board to maintain high standards of performance. This committee will be vital as the by-laws and manual of operations are re-created and revised. This committee helps the assembly to live up to its role in providing key leadership for the Synod, and plans trainings as needed. The Governance Committee works most closely with the Stated Clerk.
Human Resources Committee
This committee helps the board to create policies on personnel and handle grievance and other matters that the board must act on. The Personnel Committee works most closely with the Interim Executive, providing counsel and approval for staff design, job descriptions, goal-setting, and evaluations.

Thanks so much for your service to Christ via the Synod.

If you have questions about the nominating process, please contact Nominating Committee chair Charon Barconey at

If you have questions about this form/technology, please contact Synod Office Manager Heather Deeb at