We are excited to announce that the deadline for Racial Ethnic Grants to be submitted has been extended to 11/1/20.   These grants are available to congregations primarily composed of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) planning new mission initiatives or outreach to the neighborhoods surrounding their church. Up to $5000.  The Synod is eager to support your efforts to love your neighbors even more fully.  To apply and learn more, visit https://synodofthecovenant.org/synod-ministries/racial-ethnic-grant/  or contact grants@synodofthecovenant.org.

By the end of October, the Synod will announce the final list of higher education scholarships, and those COVID/pandemic grants to higher education students awarded to date. Applications for these latter COVID/pandemic grants can be submitted until 12/4/20.

The deadline for the New Covenant Grants has passed; grants are now being evaluated and awardees will be announced by the end of November.