From the Interim Executive,

This Sunday is Pentecost, and I’m excited to be preaching from the book of Numbers on the story of Eldad and Medad. The Israelites are wandering their way to the Promised Land, and they are sick and tired of manna.  Moses is sick and tired of them, and their complaining has not endeared them to God, either.

To improve the situation, God tells Moses to send 70 elders out and promises to put “some of the Spirit” that is on him onto all the other leaders. As usual, God is faithful to the promise made.

Eldad and Medad were two elders who didn’t go where they were supposed to go, and yet the Spirit landed on them too.  This didn’t sit well with Aaron or a youth in the story, and they beg Moses to stop these interlopers from prophesying.  Moses replies, “If only all the Lord’s people were prophets with the Lord placing his spirit on them!” (Numbers 11:29)

I’ve been joining Moses in his prayer, that God’s Spirit would land on all of our churches and presbyteries, in this Pentecost season.  I pray that the Spirit will land on your youngest children and your oldest seniors; on the smallest church in Ohio and the largest church in Michigan; on the newest pastor and on the most seasoned deacon.  Come, Holy Spirit, Come!

Your partner in ministry,

Rev. Charles B Hardwick, PhD
Interim Executive