Grace and Peace to you in the name of Jesus Christ!

October is Pastor Appreciation Month, and I want to add my appreciation to the well-wishes already delivered by congregations and individuals who are so grateful for their pastors.  Serving as a Minister of Word and Sacrament or Commissioned Ruling Elder is always challenging, but in the middle of a pandemic that shows no sign of abating, these roles are particularly demanding.

Pastors and CREs have been asked to develop new ways of leading worship, offering pastoral care, coordinating student and children’s ministry, encouraging staff, and shepherding Sessions in a time when faithful Christians disagree about the best way to move forward with our ministry while keeping everyone safe.  And, of course, they have not stopped many of the regular tasks which filled their days back before the middle of March.

If you appreciate your pastor or CRE’s work, I encourage you to show appreciation to them.  Here are just a few ways that you might do so:

  • Send them a card, including a paragraph about some aspect of their ministry that you particularly value.
  • Call them and ask them how you can pray for them and their families.
  • Find a funny trinket that reminds you of some aspect of their ministry and leave it in their church mailbox
  • Give them a modest gift card to their favorite website
  • Mail them an “IOU” to a meal or dessert at your home once the dangers of the pandemic have receded.

Elders who lead well should be paid double, especially those who work with public speaking and teaching. (1 Timothy 5:17)

Your partner in ministry,

Rev. Charles B Hardwick, PhD
Interim Executive