From the Interim Executive,

On Saturday I led a workshop for a church in Lake Huron Presbytery on how to get change actually to take place in a congregation. We discussed, among other things, “destination postcards,” an idea from Switch, a book by Dan and Chip Heath. Leaders articulate destination postcards as a way to captivate the imagination and motivation of their organization.

A church might choose “Our members positively impact their families, friends, and coworkers because of the Gospel,” or something more specific, like “Our worship services will be as meaningful to visitors and guests as they are to our members.” With a clear destination postcard, leaders can then work to make their hopes come true.

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Today on Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, I think about one of the greatest destination postcards of all time:  his “I Have a Dream” speech, where he articulates his hopes for the beloved community.  If you have not listened to it recently, this video (45) Kids Recite ‘I Have a Dream’ Speech | All Def – YouTube, made by children proclaiming excerpts of the speech, might be the best three minutes you spend today.

What can we do to bring King’s dream another step closer to reality?  I’m praying and wrestling with how the Synod can work with presbyteries and churches in their work for racial justice, and I’m also thinking about the concrete steps I as an individual can take.

How will you and your church help King’s—and God’s—destination postcard for our racially-divided society come true?

Your partner in ministry,

Rev. Charles B Hardwick, PhD
Interim Executive