From your Synod Executive,

It’s not just the middle of the summer; it’s also the middle of the General Assembly.  Whether it is because I was formerly on staff at the Presbyterian Mission Agency or because I am currently a certified #presbynerd, I’m spending a lot of time watching the goings-on and grieving that I am not there to participate in any of the happenings in person.

The committee I followed most closely is the Mid Councils committee, which oversees the work of synods (among other topics). We submitted a video to give them an overview of our ministry together, which you can watch here. I hope you enjoy seeing people active in the synod’s many ministry in this video!

This committee also had the chance to act on the report from the General Assembly Administrative Commission which oversaw our work from February 2020 until October 2021.  Their report highlighted the Synod’s progress in areas such as

  • Developing active servant leadership and committee structures
  • Improving relationships between synod and presbytery leadership
  • Renewing a common sense of mission and vision
  • Making communications and information more widely accessible and timely
  • Developing mutuality and trusting relationships
  • Setting standards for and implementing fiduciary reporting and oversight.

I’m so grateful to share ministry with all of you as we continue to work together toward health, vibrancy, and faithfulness in the Synod, and it is gratifying to know that all of the General Assembly will hear about our progress. Thanks be to God!

Your partner in ministry,

Rev. Charles B Hardwick, PhD
Executive, The Synod of the Covenant