2020 has been a year of planning for the Synod’s future.  When the Administrative Commission took Original Jurisdiction over the Synod of the Covenant in February, 2020, one of the actions was to place all of the Synod’s ministries on hold for at least six months.  Of those various ministries, only the Grants and Scholarships ministries has been re-initiated.  2021 will be a year of re-establishing the vision and purpose for the Synod.

2020 has also, of course, been a year of pandemic and disruption in all of our society, and in all of our churches and judicatories. COVID-19 has forced all of us to change the ways we live out our faith and relationships with each other.

This transition time for the Synod and the impact of the pandemic, together, mean that the Synod’s expenses are significantly lower than budgeted for 2020, likely resulting in a surplus in our income statement.

About 40% of the Synod’s budgeted income is per capita giving from the presbyteries, whose ministries have also been disrupted by the pandemic.  These ministry partners of ours have responded to our COVID-changed world heroically, offering their churches and leaders innovative and sustaining support (financial, spiritual, emotional, and ecclesiological).

In gratitude for the ministry of the eleven presbyteries which compose the Synod of the Covenant, we make the following motion:

The Synod of the Covenant will offer a financial gift of gratitude to the presbyteries equal to two-thirds its 2020 surplus.  The total amount will be divided evenly among the eleven presbyteries, at a minimum of $8,000 each. It will be distributed before the 2020 books are closed (~January 2021). The presbyteries can use this gift to support any needs consistent with their mission and ministry.

Note: Approved by GAAC at 12/4/20 Assembly

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