Grants Committee Minutes - November 30, 2021

Present: Betty Angelini, Chair;, Amy Duiker, Fran Lane Lawrence, Chip Harwick, Lisa Allgood, Skip Jackson, Georgia McCall

Excused: Jackie Humphries

Chip opened the meeting with prayer.

Minutes from the November 3, 2021 were approved.

Chip reported that the grants committee will have $90,000 to award in 2022.

  • Recommendation: $50,000 designated to Matthew 25 grants and $40,000 to Higher Education

Educational Scholarships:

  • Amount awarded was near to $40,000
  • Team working on this portion of charge is:
    • Lisa, faciliatator
    • Skip
    • Georgia
  • Recommendations:
    • Continue with sub-committee to review and make recommendation to full grant committee
    • Applications due by May 15, 2022
    • Ensure instructions include correct submissionn email address
    • Revision to the Application-Lisa Allgood to revise and circulate revised application, which will be sent under separate cover:
      • Insert requirement that if awarded will need to submit less than 3 minute video about what student hopes to accomplish and application to Matthew 25 goals as well as short thank you video
      • Insert recommeded potential award amounts-$1500 FT and $750 PT
      • Submission to be one document with 3 parts
        • General Information (previously titled Personal Information)
        • Educational Information
          • Includes list of classes registered for Fall 2022
          • Statement of Career Objectives
          • Statement how demonstrate Christian leadership in church or school
        • Financial Information
      • Pastor/Clerk of Session recommendation submitted separately
    • Develop and send a press release with award letter to church (Lisa to develop and will be circulated under separate )
    • If churches submitting more than one person’s application, submit each application separately
  • The working committee will submit recommendation of awardees that should be specifically targeted for video
  • Chair of working group to have documents as submitted in an effort to ensure completeness, working closely with synod staff

Church Grants-$50,000

  • Team
    • Betty, facilitator
    • Amy
    • Fran
    • Jackie
  • Recommendations
    • Create video regarding instructions and tips
    • Strongly recommend that church representatives have ongoing conversation with General Presbyter/Stated Clerk about proposal
    • Presbytery recommendation letter extended to one week after church application deadline

Church Grants 2020

  • Betty to send request for final report in 2022
  • Recommendation:
    • Grants committee chair take responsibility for this action and not chair another working group

Committee Organization Recommendation:

Increase size of committee to 9 members, being sensitive to nominating BIPOC

Follow Up Actions:

  • Betty as chair send to Fran as Synod Stated Clerk
    • 2021 Minutes
    • Summary of Awards
    • Report to Synod to be presented at 2022 Assembly
  • Members communicate with Chip as Interim Dir. Desire to continue serving in 2022

Betty closed the meeting in prayer after extending gratitude to each member of the Grants Committee for his/her faithful participation.

Our next meeting TBD. Joyfully submitted,
Rev. Dr. Betty L. Angelini