Healthy Conflict, Healthy Church

Conflict abounds in church today. That’s not the problem, since no significant change happens without conflict. The problem arises in people’s inability to engage in healthy conflict. In this program, each participant will take the TKI (Thomas-Killman Conflict Mode Instrument) assessment, and then attend a ½ day workshop led by one LeaderWise staff person. In this Zoom workshop, we will explore the difference between healthy and dysfunctional conflict, learn about different conflict styles and when to use each, and explore one’s own strengths and opportunities for improving how they step into conflict.

Costs:  The costs for this workshop are fully covered by participating presbyteries and the Synod, but each TKI assessment has a cost per person of $35.  Please check with your presbytery staff to see how they might be subsidizing that cost.

Date:  Wednesday Sept 29, 2021, 9:00 – 12:00 Eastern time by Zoom

Registration Deadline: Sept 8, 20021