The 2022 Theme and Ministry Foci of the Synod of the Covenant

Adopted at the 10/9/21 Synod Assembly

In our Synod, we’ll try anything to equip and support leaders who are attending to God’s creative, emerging future.

  1. Encouraging and Supporting Faith Communities to be Vital
    Vital faith communities – communities that are growing ministry relevant to their communities and context – are critical joining God’s mission to love and transform the world.  Using Synod resources and expertise, providing training and financial/expert resources and sharing best practices allows our communities to be connected and to flourish.
  2. Eradicating Structural Racism and Modeling Inclusion
    As a Matthew 25 Synod, providing resources, best practices and opportunities to connect across congregations remains a critical focus for our Synod and Presbyteries to support all our churches.  We commit to modeling inclusion and focus on learning from and supporting marginalized communities as a key focus for the Synod.
  3. Experimenting with New Ways to Be Church and to Live Out Our Faith
    Innovative ministry, ministry that embraces the future while acknowledging our Reformed heritage, and ministry that draws on the future of the Presbyterian Church (USA) are the lifeblood of our legacy and our Kingdom-building mission.  The Synod will work with both current congregations and New Worshiping Communities to develop and encourage different approaches to ministry and vibrancy.
  4. Connecting Presbyteries, Congregations and Leaders to Reach Foci 1-3 above
    We are a connectional church. The role of the Synod is to create connections across Presbyteries, passions and ministries that maximize knowledge and resources, while amplifying our impact in the congregations and communities we serve.