In 2020, the Synod has budgeted $85,000 toward grants and scholarships, and the Administrative Commission overseeing the Synod wants to ensure that all of these funds be granted to recipients during this calendar year.  A grants and scholarships committee has been re-established and will meet soon to finalize dates and applications processes.

The programs include

  • Higher Education Scholarships, available to individual Presbyterians within the Synod who are attending college, university, trade school, or seminary/divinity school
  • New Covenant Grants, available to congregations, institutions, and organizations within the Synod for (a) congregational development and transformation, (b) multi-cultural and justice ministries, or (c) ministries in higher education
  • Racial Ethnic Program Grants, available to congregations primarily composed of People of Color planning new mission initiatives or outreach to the neighborhoods surrounding their church

As soon as deadlines and applications have been established, they will be communicated broadly. For more information, contact Interim Executive Chip Hardwick at