The Synod offers our condolences to and prayers for the family of Rev. David Tilly,  pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Montpelier, OH, whose baptism was complete at his death on August 13, 2020.  Dave was a long-time commissioner and cheerleader of  the Synod’s ministries.

His fellow commissioner from Maumee Valley Presbytery, Gillian Holzhauser-Graber, offered the following poem in gratitude to God for his ministry and partnership in the Gospel. Well done, good and faithful servant!

In Tribute:  Rev Dave Tilly

Kind people we meet as time passes by
impact our lives – not because they try;
but rather because of the people they are:
sincere, loving, and giving – superior by far!

Not by design, nor from something I’d done,
but through the presbytery and Synod we served, I know someone
who matches that description, fits it in every way
“Whom?”, you ask. And I answer – “Of course, Rev, Dave..

On this day – more than ever – may we pause and reflect
on the impact of this man whom we so love and respect.
“Not only today, but for always” as friends or family we say.
His life is an example for us to live by each day.

“Dave, how we’ll miss you!”, of course, we each want to say.
His family will hear this not once, but many times today!
And if we know him – as we were privileged to do;
Dave is asking, “Why all the fuss? I’m Home with God now.
Together, we’re waiting for you.”

Why all the ‘fuss?’ The answer is simple, not the least bit complex:
It’s because we revere him; we love him; and, yes,
We would like Dave to know just how we feel –
Deep in our hearts, a feeling so warm and so real!

As we all now are gathered, each of us could impart
His or her special memory coming straight from the heart;
Of the husband, the father, and the pastor who selflessly gave
To all whom he impacted, the man, “Rev. Dave”.